About us

2nd Chance Cat Rescue is a registered Australian Charity (ABN: 66 448 752 266) and not-for-profit organisation run solely by volunteers in the south-eastern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It was started in July 2011 with the purpose of re-homing de-sexed, vaccinated and microchipped cats and kittens to good homes.

2nd Chance Cat Rescue has successfully socialised and re-homed many feral/stray and abandoned kittens. We have found that even the most apprehensive or timid animals can become wonderful companions if enough quality time is spent with them and our carers go to great lengths in doing so.

All potential owners are screened using a comprehensive questionnaire designed to ensure that the cat(s) or kitten(s) are suited to their new environment and owners before leaving 2nd Chance Cat Rescue. Potential adopters will also have a preliminary phone call with one of our foster carers before a potential 'meet and greet is organised'. Matching the right cat with the right home is always the most important element in any adoption!


We receive numerous queries from current cat owners requesting information on having their animal de-sexed. The National De-sexing Network offers subsidised de-sexing – information can be gained by visiting their website.